Pregnancy and PMU

Can I get permanent makeup while pregnant?

We know the effect that pregnancy can have on our body, let that be feeling beautiful or sad for no reasons and we just wanted to lift ourself by giving ourself some self-love. We all want to look great for that photo but unfortunately there is just too much risks when it comes to getting permanent makeup (PMU) when pregnant. 

Frustrating body changes, we want to look good while pregnant. 

Besides Liabilities issues and much as I love to be able to give you some beautiful brows or lips so you can look and feel great on this new journey, I would have to say no to mother to be or those trying to get pregnant. Some reasons why you can't get PMU when pregnant:

  • There is little to no studies as to how permanent makeup can have negative effects in pregnancy, it is a NO for me.
  • There’s little to no research on how pigment can affect the mother to be and baby
  • A small amount of numbing cream is used during the procedure, it may affect the development of the baby 
  • We pride in using proper protocol when it comes to PMU but when proper protocol is not used during the treatment, there are chances of contracting HIV or hepatitis and this will affect the baby 
  • Hormonal changes could result in excess bleeding therefore lead to loss of retention
  • Sensitivity increases when pregnant so pain increase, this could cause premature labour

To ensure you are looking your best, it best to plan and have the PMU treatment about 2 months before trying to get pregnant. 

Tham Vo 


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