Lip Neutralisation

Dark lip neutralising to a more pinkier lip tattoo tone  
Pic 1 - Before Vs Straight after Lip Neutralising 

Lip tattoo results from dark lips to a more pinkier tone after Day 9
Pic 2 - Before Vs Healed Lips Day 9


⚡️Dark Lips Neutralising or correction is a process that involves the correcting of dark lips using in-depth colour theory and using the correct technique to neutralise dark lips without causing unnecessary trauma to the lips.

⚡️It is a lot harder to work on since the skin being worked on is thicker than those with lighter lips. With dark lips we need to try and neutralise the lips first and see how they heal before we can attempt the target colour, the wrong colour used could also cause the lips to become even darker and/or patchy.⠀

Everyone heals differently and some may not present any result after the first session. Neutralising the Lips can take between 2-5 sessions to get the desired results so extreme patience and care is key here.⠀

Pic 1 - Before and Straight After treatment

Pic 2 - Clients healed lips after 9 days. You can see some minor changes but will need to wait at least 8 weeks to see the true colour.

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