Lip Blush Tattoo  

Lip Blush is a cosmetic treatment that has gained popularity for its ability to enhance the natural shape of your lips, giving them a perfect symmetry, color, and the appearance of fullness, without the use of traditional fillers. This innovative procedure offers a unique alternative to the traditional lip tattoo, producing a result that resembles more of a natural lip stain, rather than an artificial-looking lipstick.

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girl with pale lips, then girl with pink lips after lip blush

The Lip Blush technique involves depositing pigments into the lips, creating a beautiful gradient effect that seamlessly blends with your natural lip color, resulting in a radiant, youthful look. This treatment is highly customizable, allowing for the creation of a personalized lip color that complements your skin tone and desired look. Whether you're aiming for a subtle enhancement or a bold, statement-making lip, Lip Blushing can help you achieve the look you desire.

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girl before with pale lips and girl after with pink lip blush

Once your lips have been tattooed to your desired shade, you can enjoy the convenience of effortlessly applying gloss and enjoying your perfectly colored lips without the need for touch-ups. Unlike traditional lipsticks, lip tattooing provides a long-lasting solution, with color that can last anywhere from two to five years with occasional color boosts in between.

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red lip blush tattoo

So say goodbye to the hassle of reapplying lipstick and hello to the convenience of Lip Blush. Plus, with the endless customization options, you can go for a subtle or bold look, whatever floats your boat!

So, if you're ready to rock the ultimate lip game, Lip Blush is your answer. Get ready to turn heads and pucker up with confidence, knowing that your lips are on point!

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Lip Blush Neutralisation  

If you're looking to enhance your lips but struggling with dark pigmentation, don't fret! Dark Lips Neutralisation is the solution you've been waiting for. This process involves the use of advanced color theory and precise techniques to neutralize and correct dark lips without causing unnecessary trauma to the lips.

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We understand that working on dark lips is a challenging task, given the thicker skin texture, but our skilled professionals know just the right approach to tackle this issue. By neutralizing the lips first, we can assess how they heal before we attempt to target the desired color. Using the wrong color could lead to even darker and patchy results, which is why we prioritize precision and attention to detail.

before dark lips, after red lip tattoo

It's important to note that everyone heals differently, and some may not see results after the first session. Neutralizing the Lips may take between 2-5 sessions to achieve the desired outcome, so extreme patience and care are crucial during this process.

The best part? Your lip color can last up to 2-5 years with occasional color boosts in between, providing a long-lasting solution to your lip pigmentation concerns.

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 matt lip neutralisation, gloss lip neutralisation

Don't let dark lips hold you back from achieving your dream pout. With Dark Lips Neutralisation, you can feel confident in your smile and flaunt your lips with pride. Trust our skilled professionals to deliver exceptional results and enjoy the transformation that follows.


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Colour Boost 

To keep your lips looking full and fresh, it's recommended to have regular color boost sessions every 12-18 months. At Tham Vo Studio, we value our existing clients and offer color boost prices based on the duration since your last paid session. Please note that these prices are only available for our existing clients, and all new clients will be charged at full price.

It's important to note that color boost prices after two years will be charged at full price to ensure that we can continue to provide the highest quality service and maintain the integrity of our work.

We believe in delivering exceptional results and providing our clients with the best possible experience. With our color boost sessions, you can enjoy long-lasting and stunning lip color that complements your natural beauty. Trust Tham Vo Studio to provide you with the highest quality service and keep your lips looking fresh and full.

*Colour Boost prices are for existing Tham Vo Studio clients only.


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Within 1 Year

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