Cosmetic tattooing and trichotillomania - Can it be done?

Client with trichotillomania, the before and after photo of brow tattooing

If you think brows don’t make a difference? Think again…

This is my client and like many others suffer from trichotillomania, a disorder that involves recurrent, irresistible urges to pull out body hair - including brows.

Whilst this condition is somewhat uncommon in the PMU industry, the process & outcome is much the same. We consult and collaborate with the client to address their concerns to achieve their desired look. In this case, the client simply wanted to get back what she had lost over the years due to this often unheard of conditions.

I’m so glad how open my client was about her condition and helped me to understand it even more. I was so happy to be doing what I’m doing and was able to able to give her back the brows she deserved and that boost of confidence💜

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