Choosing Cheaper Vs Experience Artists


You know the saying, “Good brows aren’t cheap and cheap brows aren’t good”. We all love a good bargain but when choosing someone to tattoo your face, I can’t stress enough to please do your research and not just settle for the cheap options. 

Here are some reasons why;

❌An artist who has just started out will always price themself lower to get more experience on skin

❌Someone cheaper could be cutting costs with lower quality - thus cheaper - pigment or tools

❌Why are you are gambling with your face, this is permanent, investing in an experienced artist is a priority

❌Someone with Experience understands which brow shape will suit you based on several factors such as face structure and skin tone

❌someone with Experience will assist in pigment colour selection so your brow colour doesn’t go funky in the long run

❌Someone with Experience with the skin will assist in knowing the depth to implant the pigment without causing too much trauma or pain

I can now say that at least 80% of my work now is colour correction which in other words is correcting someone else’s work! It is a lot harder to correct an existing tattoo than starting on someone with virgin skin. In the long run, if you need correction from bad work, it will cost you more to correct them; so, ladies please do your research when choosing an artist. If you didn’t know, I have 7 years experience in the PMU Industry so I’ve seen all sorts of brows walk through my door 😁

Please feel free to contact me for any questions and I can also offer a no obligation consultation to review and discuss your treatment in more detail.

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